The Dead X-Men are prepared to give their lives again in #2 preview

Dead X-Men #2 interior art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's Dead X-Men are a team comprised of mutants who died at the start of 'Fall of X,' which is currently bringing an end to the current Krakoa era of the X-Men. And with all of mutantkind on the line, the team's task seems all but impossible, with the stakes raising even higher in Dead X-Men #2.

So what is their mission? The Dead X-Men are on the hunt for a version of Moira MacTaggert from a timeline where they can take advantage of her mutant power to reset the timeline. But in Dead X-Men #2, a hidden foe will get closer and closer to stopping them from completing their task.

We've got a preview of interior pages from Dead X-Men #2 by writer Steve Foxe, artists Peter Nguyen, Guillermo Sanna, and Bernard Chang, colorist Frank Martin, and letterer Cory Petit right here, in which the team resolves to put their own lives on the line to get the job done, even if it means they risk not being resurrected in the event of their deaths. Check it out, along with the cover by Lucas Werneck:

"The impossible team on an impossible quest! The Dead X-Men leap across time and space in a last-ditch effort to prevent catastrophe, but they're not the only ones breaking through the fabric of reality!" reads Marvel's official description of Dead X-Men #2. "As these five mutants go places no one has gone before, a cloaked figure stalks them from the shadows…and nothing will survive if she reaches her goal!"

Dead X-Men #2 goes on sale February 28.

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