The Dark Pictures: Little Hope launch trailer teases choices and consequences

Supermassive has released the final trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, the follow-up to Man of Medan launching October 30.

The launch trailer previews some of the choices you'll need to make playing through Little Hope and how those decisions affect the outcome of the story. In one scene, you see the player choose a direction to turn and then immediately regret that decision because whoops, there was a snarling monster in that direction. 

Another scene shows one player creepily refuse to rescue her co-op partner as he's being hunted by an unseen creature. That could be one of those situations from Man of Medan where one player is seeing some sort of apparition or hallucination, causing them to make erroneous decisions with dire consequences.

ICYMI, Little Hope is the next chapter in The Dark Pictures Anthology, from Until Dawn studio Supermassive. We've got a new self-contained story set in the witchy ghost town that gave the game its name. Our Little Hope preview mentions a number of improvements over its predecessor, including "the camera, the pacing, QTEs, as well as the sense of threat and overall danger."

I found a lot of fun in Man of Medan's unique approach to multiplayer, which lends itself to brilliant moments of second-guessing your own eyes as well as the judgment of the person you're playing with. It sounds like Supermassive is keeping a keen ear on community feedback, and I can't wait to see for myself how the studio learned from Man of Medan to make Little Hope an even more compelling horror experience.

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Jordan Gerblick

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