The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me reveal trailer has big Saw vibes

Update: After being shared by players earlier in the week, The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me trailer is here in a more official capacity from Supermassive and Bandai Namco.

As with earlier entries in the series, The Devil in Me's reveal trailer debuted at the end of the current game in the anthology, House of Ashes. Naturally, players who were able to quickly run through the game shared the trailer in full on YouTube, but now it's been posted to Bandai's official YouTube channel. Really, this is just another excuse to rewatch the trailer, which gives off big Saw/Hostel/slasher vibes, featuring a host of seemingly innocent people locked up somewhere by a sadist.

Bandai Namco has also revealed a brief synopsis for The Devil in Me, giving some context as to what exactly's going on in the reveal trailer. You're part of a documentary film crew that's been invited under mysterious circumstances to a replica of the "Murder Castle" of H.H. Holmes, America's first serial killer. Naturally, everything goes down hill from there.

Curiously, Bandai is calling The Devil in Me the finale to season one, which could suggest a big shift in tone for the games to follow. If it's still true that Supermassive plans to release eight games in the series, it seems the whole anthology will be divided into two four-part seasons.

The Devil in Me doesn't have a release date yet, but judging from past releases, there's a good chance we'll be playing it just in time for next year's spooky season, October 2022, or right around there.

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The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me reveal trailer has escaped into the wild, and it looks like the next chapter of the horror anthology will go full slasher mode.

While the trailer hasn't been officially released on its own by developer Supermassive Games yet, it's included as an extra payoff for getting the correct ending in The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes - and players have naturally recorded the trailer and posted it online. Each Dark Pictures game has included a teaser to reveal a first look at its follow-up, and this one is especially significant since The Devil in Me will serve as the Dark Pictures' first season finale.

The trailer cuts between scenes of what appears to be an interview in a smoky interrogation chamber, shots of rot and viscera, and helpless victims seemingly staring down their last moments. Eventually we see that the narrator has an unusual presentation assistant: a partially decomposed corpse rigged up with animatronic machinery, moving in sync with a cassette tape recording: "I've left my mark on the world," the unseen killer proudly proclaims. "Have you?"

Each part of the Dark Pictures anthology has gone for a different kind of horror vibe so far, with one notable exception being the good old framework of a serial killer and their soon-to-be victims. It looks like The Devil in Me will fill in that blank spot. Supermassive Games told Game Informer back in 2019 that it had plans for eight Dark Pictures games in total, but we'll have to wait and see if that's still what the spooky paintings foretell.

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