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The Dark Knight Reigns Supreme

Batman tops Comic Heroes spandex-tastic reader poll of the 50 greatest superheroes

The competition was as fierce as you might expect, with Wolverine, Superman and Spider-Man all finishing in the top five, while some unexpected entries in at the top of the list including Tintin and Mega City One’s finest law enforcer Judge Dredd gave Marvel and DC’s biggest names a run for their money.

In the end though, Batman reigned supreme. On the printed page, DC’s wildly successful New 52 helped bring new readers to the exploits of the world’s greatest detective, and with acclaimed writer Scott Snyder currently at the helm he continues to thrill old and new fans alike. Outside of the world of comics, the last of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, hits the big screen later on this year, and Bat-fever has never been higher. Riding the crest of an enormous wave of popularity powered by creative minds at the peak of their powers, no other superhero stood a chance against the iconic, all-conquering Batman.

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Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.