The Crimes of CrimeCraft

CrimeCraft has one of the most boring names we’ve ever heard. But it’s also guilty of being the prettiest free game we’ve seen in a while. We don’t usually associate free-to-play titles with impressive visuals. If anything it’s just the opposite. But developer, Vogster Entertainment’s upcoming shooter/MMO, CrimeCraft looks ready to raise the bar across the board for genre in terms of graphics.

Check out the screenshot below. The sky looks amazing and the amount of detail in the environment is impressive. Notice the broken windows, the busted-up attic on the derelict building in the background, and the bits of debris at the sniper’s feet.

Above: A free game that looks this good? We still can’t get over it

CrimeCraft takes place in a fictional city that’s filled with instanced zones that you can enter to take part in various underhanded missions and modes. The usual shooter-type game modes like deathmatch, control points and capture-the-flag will be present.

But you’ll also be able to team up with friends to create a gang. “It’s essentially another name for a [guild]. But we will have all sorts of different types of gang functionality that you’ll do as a group and cooperative play in terms of crime,” explained Matt McEnerney, Executive Producer at Vogster.