The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 5

Pokémon Name: Happiny
Type: Normal
Classification: Playhouse
Pokédex Number: 096 Sinnoh / 440 National
Ability: Natural Cure – Heals status conditions when recalled; Serene Grace – Doubles the chance of an attack's secondary effect
Dream World ability: Friend Guard – Allies take 25% less damage in double and triple battles
Useful Attacks: Sweet Kiss
Location Found:
Diamond/Pearl: Trophy Garden, Hearthome City (receive egg from old man)
Platinum: Trophy Garden
HG/SS: Pokewalker - Amity Meadow
D/P/P/HG/SS: Bred from Chansey or Blissey, while holding Lucky Incense
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer
White: White Forest (resident required: Emi)

Happiny is the prevolution of Chansey. In previous Pokémon adventures, Chansey was nearly impossible to attain, but a mountain man wandering Sinnoh gives you a Happiny egg on your adventure, ensuring that everyone will finally have this most elusive Pokémon. Like Chansey and its evolution, Blissey, Happiny has a little pouch for carrying pint-sized eggs. While it has no worthwhile attacks like most baby Pokémon, Happiny's hitpoints grow incredibly quickly, preparing it to produce healing eggs once it's happy enough to evolve.

Evolves into Chansey when holding a Round Stone.