The Coens come to Streatham - well, kinda

If you’re still reading this, you’re either deeply troubled, have lost your medication and need to find your panic button now – or, like us at, you’re simply a fan of The Dude. (If you’re the former, seriously, call the authorities).

Friday 5 May sees the arrival of The Dude Abides - a feast of bowling and Lebowski-flavoured fun, including dressing up as characters from the movie.

As were informed by a contact known only as El Duderino, “Every year, for one night only, an army of gold-breasted Vikings, spandex suited Nihilists and Uzi-wielding Vietnam Vets descend on Streatham Megabowl in celebration of the Coen brother's classic film. Last year the bowling prevailed for 5 hours during which time more than 200 pints of milk were consumed in a frenzy of White Russian cocktails.”

You have to admit, it sounds like it knocks the brown stuff out of a Deep Space Nine convention.

Purchase a ticket and you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited bowling from 9pm - 1am
  • White Russians for FREE! Each lane will have their own bottle of Kahlua, bottle of vodka plus free milk from the bar
  • As part of the Larry Sellers Homework Competition, every lane will be given a real piece of homework done by a real-life 15-year-old brat to correct, annotate and deface at your leisure. The most amusing corrections will be scanned and put on the website.
  • The Big Lebowski Quiz will separate the Nihilists from the Treehorns, as will the hotly contested Costume Competition.
  • Shoe Hire
  • It may not beat the 'In and Out' burger but you also get a free meal from the Megabowl cafe.
  • Attendance is confirmed by sending bowlers a toe in the post!

If you’d like further information, click here (opens in new tab) to register on The Dude Abides website (they'll then send you info on how to book). And remember - don’t let your toe slip over the line…

Source: ( Dude Abides (opens in new tab) )

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