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The Coens come to Streatham - well, kinda

If you’re still reading this, you’re either deeply troubled, have lost your medication and need to find your panic button now – or, like us at, you’re simply a fan of The Dude. (If you’re the former, seriously, call the authorities).

Friday 5 May sees the arrival of The Dude Abides - a feast of bowling and Lebowski-flavoured fun, including dressing up as characters from the movie.

As were informed by a contact known only as El Duderino, “Every year, for one night only, an army of gold-breasted Vikings, spandex suited Nihilists and Uzi-wielding Vietnam Vets descend on Streatham Megabowl in celebration of the Coen brother's classic film. Last year the bowling prevailed for 5 hours during which time more than 200 pints of milk were consumed in a frenzy of White Russian cocktails.”

You have to admit, it sounds like it knocks the brown stuff out of a Deep Space Nine convention.

Purchase a ticket and you’ll receive:

  • Unlimited bowling from 9pm - 1am
  • White Russians for FREE! Each lane will have their own bottle of Kahlua, bottle of vodka plus free milk from the bar
  • As part of the Larry Sellers Homework Competition, every lane will be given a real piece of homework done by a real-life 15-year-old brat to correct, annotate and deface at your leisure. The most amusing corrections will be scanned and put on the website.
  • The Big Lebowski Quiz will separate the Nihilists from the Treehorns, as will the hotly contested Costume Competition.
  • Shoe Hire
  • It may not beat the 'In and Out' burger but you also get a free meal from the Megabowl cafe.
  • Attendance is confirmed by sending bowlers a toe in the post!

If you’d like further information, click here to register on The Dude Abides website (they'll then send you info on how to book). And remember - don’t let your toe slip over the line…

Source: ( Dude Abides )