The Callisto Protocol stuttering on PC is down to the “wrong file” being patched

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The Callisto Protocol stuttering on PC is apparently down to the "wrong file" being patched into the game.

That's according to The Callisto Protocol game director Glen Schofield, responding to a Twitter user yesterday on December 7. When the user wrote about the game's stuttering issues on PC, Schofield responded with the tweet just below, revealing that while the "wrong file" was uploaded for the PC version of the horror game, a fix would be coming "any minute."

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Additionally, this is all down to a "freakin error by someone rushing," according to Schofield. As another Twitter user points out in the replies to Schofield though, the director tweeted about developers under him working in excess of 12 hour days prior to the game launching.

Much has been made of The Callisto Protocol's issues on PC since it first launched last week. At launch, a patch was released on all platforms in an attempt to remedy the frame rate issues on all platforms, while a further patch was released for the PC version of the game several days later in an attempt to remedy the ongoing stuttering issues.

As such, the new horror game was reviewed poorly by users on Steam. On launch day last Friday, The Callisto Protocol had a generally negative user review score on Steam, with users decrying the game's stuttering issues, as well as other performance issues on the platform. Thanks to Schofield's response on Twitter, we now finally know why the new game has seen such issues on PC.

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