The Callisto Protocol now has a New Game Plus mode

The Callisto Protocol
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The Callisto Protocol now has a New Game Plus mode. 

According to the sci-fi horror's most recent patch note, users who "previously completed the game will have access to NewGame+ after the patch", providing they use an active save file from the game's completion". You'll get all weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits can be collected from the first Reforge you encounter. 

The new feature also ushers in a new achievement for players who complete a NG+ run, too, which will hopefully address the ongoing problem some are having getting the "Maximum Security Trophy" to unlock.

The patch notes also report that "The Protocol is About Life" achievement issue has also been resolved, vaulting will no longer injure Jacob, and there's been "general performance optimizations across all platforms". You should also find improved voice levelling and subtitles, too.

PS4 has had a specific update - the low frequency crash in the Snowcat has been resolved - whilst PC players should find a similar low frequency crash in the Tunnels level has been rectified, amongst other things. 

This patch is available now, so make sure you apply the patch before you head on in to try out NG+.

The update follows reports that The Callisto Protocol has only sold two of the five million copies its publisher, Krafton, and investors had been expecting (opens in new tab). Consequently, several investors have since "lowered their target stock prices of Krafton" with one - Samsung Securities - reportedly saying that it "will not be easy" for the sci-fi horror to hit its five million sales target given the game's mixed reception and poor performance on PC (opens in new tab).  

"There's a great sci-fi game here but one marred by its combat system," Leon said in GamesRadar+'s The Callisto Protocol review (opens in new tab), which he says is "a fantastic looking game that builds a great sci-fi world only to trash it with an unenjoyable combat challenge".

"I'd honestly recommend playing The Callisto Protocol on 'easy'. Once I'd finished the game on default difficulty, I restarted it on the lower setting, and it's so much more enjoyable," he wrote. 

"There's still some challenge, but it's a much more manageable, and far less crushing journey. There's obviously a whole discourse here to be had on difficulty but I've reviewed the game as presented by the developers, aware that many will resist changing the challenge for one reason or another."

Several former staff members of developer Striking Distance Studios were reportedly omitted from The Callisto Protocol's credits (opens in new tab). In an interview, five former employees estimated that as many as 20 people across various job roles found themselves left out of the game's almost 20-minute-long credit sequence, some of which were "full-time employees with over a year invested in the title, and had a hand in significant parts of the product".

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