The best Kickstarter Switch projects you might just need to back right now

Nintendo Switch Kickstarter: Sefu Bag

Regardless of what online gaming retailer you head to, or even high street retailer, there are a vast range of Nintendo Switch accessories available, from cases to controllers to amiibos and more. But, actually, the more innovative Switch kit is coming straight out of Kickstarter, made by gamers just like you, who are seeing gaps in the market and actually filling them. Check out these five amazing Switch Kickstarter projects that you either need to back, or pre-order like right now. 

The Sefu Switch Bag

Nintendo Switch Kickstarter: Sefu bag

Kickstarter status: Goal achieved, but you can still back.

What is it? This might just be the most adult, practical and downright trendy Nintendo Switch case I've ever seen in my life, and yes I might just be ready to sink $119 on a lush leather bag. The Sefu Switch Bag is an over the shoulder bag especially designed for your Switch, with a rather minimalist design, focusing on protection, but also accessibility, quality materials and providing a Switch case that you can actually use for other things too. There's a central divide that can hold 12 game cartridges, while also protecting your Switch's screen, and leaving room on the other side of the bag for your daily essentials like your keys and wallet. There are three different designs available - from durable vegan friendly, water resistant fabrics, to the deluxe bag made from a cowhide exterior and lambskin interior. Trust me, as soon as you see these guys, you're going to want one.

Genki Bluetooth Audio

Nintendo Switch Kickstarter: Genki bluetooth audio adaptor

Kickstarter status: Fully funded. Available to pre-order.

What is it? In this digital age where you want everything to be wire-free, a little gadget like the Genki: Bluetooth audio adaptor for the Switch is basically gold. The Switch isn’t exactly designed for online chat, but at least with this little gadget you're going to get a bit closer to a streamlined solution. It simply plugs into the charging port of your Switch, and can connect up to two headsets at a time for awesome wireless party fun. Basically I just want to use my fancy noise-cancelling headphones with my Switch without an unsightly wire. Is that too much to ask?

Flip Grip

Nintendo Switch Kickstarter: Flip Grip

Kickstarter status: Fully funded. Available to pre-order.

What is it? Ever since we started getting re-releases of old arcade titles from the likes of Namco Bandai and SNK, there's been a buzz around being able to play games at a 90-degree angle - aka portrait mode, just like the original cabinets. Technically it's possible just with the Switch alone, but getting it to stand up in portrait mode isn't exactly easy unless you're prepared to get creative with cushions and other props. However, there's an amazing solution in the form of the Flip Grip. It's basically a form of dock, as your Switch slides in vertically and snaps into place. Then you can just slide each Joy-Con in on their respective sides and off you go down memory lane. It even comes with its own, vertical-friendly kickstand, and still leaves space for access to the game cart, headphone jack and SD card. You can't charge or power down the Switch whilst it's in the Flip Grip, but they're small tradeoffs for a specific experience like this. Let's get vertical.


Nintendo Switch Kickstarter: Gripcase

Kickstarter status: Fully funded. Available to pre-order.

What is it? Gaming can be a sweaty business, especially when you're trying to enjoy a pretty intense session in handheld mode. The Joy-Cons can turn into slippery little beasts at times, and although there are plenty of grips out there, I'm particularly enamoured by the GripCase. It's basically an entire case for your Switch, but adds curved grips underneath each Joy-Con making them follow the natural arch of your palm as you play - just like you find with the Xbox One and PS4 controllers. Plus, even with the case on the Switch will still slot into your dock. Bonus. You can choose to add different coloured grips to match your Joy-Cons, but each set is made from textured hard polycarbonate so they feel like premium controller accessories, and can be switched easily in and out. It's also a great way to ensure that younger Switch users have a better grasp on the expensive console, and who wouldn't want that?


Nintendo Switch Kickstarter: Pelda Pro

Kickstarter status: Fully funded. Available to pre-order.

What is it? Another day. Another alternative Switch kickstand. Right? Not so fast, pal, because the PELDA Pro isn't just any kickstand, it's actually much, much more than that. Not only does it have a kickstand that's far more substantial than the piddly in-built one, it also comes with a built in battery pack that'll give you up to five more hours of battery life. But wait, there's more, it even comes with a Micro HDMI port that means you can connect your Switch to your TV - totally dock free - whenever and wherever you want. Dock, begone! 

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