The Battlefield 1 beta's already generating great goofs and glitches

The Battlefield 1 beta won't open to the general public until Wednesday, but certain Battlefield Insiders are already wreaking havoc inside the game. It didn't take them long at all to start capturing some very Battlefield-ian antics as they theoretically battle for control of the Sinai Desert.

Brit2 pays proper tribute to the best new feature of Battlefield 1: on-demand bayonet screaming.

Here's trevroak narrowly avoiding death by recreating the opening scene from Star Wars.

Merkgruber4 knows the most powerful weapon is your enemy's own curiosity.

GrouchyGrech discovered that this is how most people got around before seatbelt laws.

Esbenjd witnessed the literal collision of modern and archaic warfighting methods.

Mike804 was avenged by architecture's most unpredictable killer: stairs.

USS_DJMarv12 bore witness to a strange, yet beautiful, victory celebration.

There's nothing like a Battlefield beta for generating exhilarating and goofy moments in equal measure. I can't wait to see the weird crap that happens once it opens up to the general public.

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Connor Sheridan

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