The Agronomist review

As Haiti begins another chapter in its turbulent history, Jonathan Demme's affecting tribute to the murdered journalist Jean Dominique could hardly be more timely.

As owner of Radio Haiti Inter, Dominique was a lone voice for reform in a country beset by brutal dictatorships, endemic corruption and crippling poverty. Using newsreel footage, talking heads and his own interviews with the pipe-smoking radical, Demme draws a fascinating portrait that provokes both admiration and outrage.

Dominique's compassion for his uneducated compatriots derived from the agronomic studies he conducted into their primitive way of life. Broadcasting in their native Creole language, he politicised an entire generation. ""You cannot kill the truth!"" he bellows during one of his enforced exiles, and though his enemies managed to kill him in April 2000, Demme shows his work living on through his widow Michele. An inspiring story of courage under fire.

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