The 7 best moments in the Jurassic World 2 trailer, from dino divebombs to the return of Jeff Goldblum

The Jurassic World 2 trailer is here. First things first, watch it above and then, when you’ve had your fill of dino disasters, scroll on down as take a journey through the best bits from the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer. Everything from Jeff Goldblum, to volcanoes, to a few cool callbacks are all present. What are you waiting for? Go and watch it!

Return to Isla Nublar

After the events of the first movie, Jurassic World is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or should that be imminent explosion and a hard place? Either/or, really. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Owen and Claire are joined on their return to Isla Nublar by a few fresh faces – including Detective Pikachu’s Justice Smith. Oh, and there’s what looks like a massive Diplodocus roaming free.

Jeff Goldbum is back, baby

Away from the island there’s dun-dun-dun Ian Malcolm (aka the loveable Jeff Goldblum) all suited up and appearing at a hearing. Hey, I’m kinda hoping we see him return to the island and not stuck there for the majority of the film. It’s still nice to see him though – even if the trailer decides to re-use his ‘life finds a way’ schtick.

Things that make you go boom

Jurassic World 2, though, would be nothing without two things: dinosaurs attacking and explosions. We have them in abundance. Look:

Turning the air Blue

There’s even a reunion with the raptor Blue from the first movie, fully-grown and just as terrifying/cute (delete as appropriate) as ever. D’aww.

Hot stuff coming through

Things are upped a notch (or twelve) as the trailer rolls into its biggest set-piece: an erupting volcano. A cacophony of carnivores (and the boring plant-eating ones. Boo!) flee the impending disaster, as does Chris Pratt.

T-rex wrecks

The T-Rex manages to make a return, fending off an attack from a particularly aggressive-looking dino. Good job, Rexy.

Blunder the sea

I’m praying Jurassic World 2 hasn’t shown too much of its hand. The set-piece involving the gang going over a cliff, along with dozens of dinosaurs, is ridiculously cool – let’s hope there’s even more to come when it hits theaters June 22, 2018.

Image: Universal

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