The 56 characters of Marvel vs Capcom 2


The most famous corpse in Street fighter, Charlie was first introduced as Guile's reason for vengeance against Shadaloo, as Chaz was killed by M. Bison. Charlie's basically the proto-Guile, sharing many of his moves, including the famous Sonic Boom. But death always haunts him, as every ending of his the Alpha games involves him dying.


Probably the most well known and popular woman in fighting games, Chun-Li and her insanely huge legs have been fighting Shadaloo through Interpol for years. Her hatred for Bison is from him killing her dad, which was apparently on a Tuesday. After Bison's defeat, her purpose receded, but she's always brought back into the world of street fighting, putting her lightning kicks to good use.


Hailing from Mother Russia, Piotr is one of the most famous X-men around. With the ability to make his skin become bullet-proof metal and at the same time becoming incredibly strong, he's long been the muscle for the mutant super team. At one point he died saving the world's mutants from a killer virus, but has since returned to the living like any popular comic character. Fun fact: when in his organic metal form Colossus needs no rest, food, or even oxygen.


Seen as the first X-Man, Cyclops has often led the team into their greatest battles, while simultaneously being teacher's pet to Prof. Xavier. His mutant abilities manifest in powerful optics blasts that are purely concussive, not heat based. They are incredibly powerful, being known to easily turn rock into powder. On top of that he's a born leader and very well trained in martial arts. He's uniquely adept at fighting blind, as he must keep his eyes closed if he can't control his ocular beams.


Dan went from total joke to a fool you want to root for. Created as a parody of a rival company's character, the laughably weak Dan is disproportionately confident of his style. Blaming Sagat for killing his father, he's been hoping to one day best Sagat, if only he could win a match first. Also, he was Sakura's sensei for a time, before she realized he had nothing to teach her. For the ultimate source of Dan knowledge, check our lengthy retrospective.


Dhalsim and his strange mysticism have become a part a fighting history. A peaceful soul only who only got into fighting to earn money for his village, when not in combat he is living at home with his wife, son and elephant. As far as other accomplishments, the stretchy fire breather helped free Cammy from her brainwashing.

Doctor Doom

Born a Gypsy, Doom's brilliant intellect brought him to the greatest schools in America, until a freak accident (which he blames on Reed "Mr. Fantastic" Richards) scarred his face. He left academia, made a metal suit, took over a small European country and dreamed only of revenge on the infernal Richards. On top of his powerful suit, he's also the second best sorcerer on Earth, and can invent nearly anything. Though normally the foe of the Fantastic Four, sometimes his plans for power bring him in conflict with all of Earth's heroes.


Raised by a nun, Felecia only dreams of stardom and a singing career. She has the grace, agility and claws that fit her species, and even her body language comes off more cat than human. Also, she's the only fighter in MVC2 who goes nude, as everything she's "wearing" just seems to be hair.


Native to New Orleans, Gambit joined the X-Men and left behind a murky past of crime. He usually does the right thing while also making time with teammate Rogue. Aside from being skilled with a collapsible staff and hand-to-hand combat, he has the mutant ability to take living and non-living things and charge them with concussive energy. The items then explode on impact, with his trademark throwing cards having the force of a grenade.


A Major in the Air Force, Guile began fighting to avenge the death of his best friend, Charlie. So he fought his way to the top to take down the guilty party, M. Bison, but decided to be the better man and just beat him but spare his life. Occasionally he has a glimmer of hope that Charlie lives, but when not pursuing that he lives with his family. In fact, this ripped master of the sonic boom is related to Ken by marriage, as each is married to one of a pair of sisters.