The 5 worst Final Fantasy couples

2. Vivi Orunitia and Quina Quen
Final Fantasy IX | 2000 | PSone

As troubling as the image of Zidane and Garnet slowly bonking their massive,fishbowl-like foreheads together is, they weren't the worst couple in Final Fantasy IX. That dubious honor goes to Vivi and Quina, who were manipulated into a loveless marriage of convenience by their so-called "friends" so that they could enter a sanctuary guarded by green Scottish dwarves.

He's an artificially created black mage with a mild-mannered disposition. S/he's a walking fat joke who wears doilies. Together, they fight crime. Or they would, if Quina hadn't ended the wedding by advancing menacingly on Vivi, and then getting distracted just enough to try and eat a Moogle. Clearly, Vivi has a future with Quina, and most of it will be spent slowly dissolvingin her/his/its stomach.