That ‘Battlefield 1 has a pigeon mode’ theory might actually have wings

If a video from March is to be believed then Battlefield 1 will have a multiplayer mode where you fight over pigeons. Yes, it does sound... unusual but a recent leak is starting to make it look like the theory might be legit.

This week we covered a bunch of Battlefield 1 leaks showing weapons, modes, character names and all the usual stuff that comes out when technical people go through game files (in this case the closed alpha) looking for info.  

So far, so normal, except that people have noticed that almost all of what’s been discovered matches up with information YouTuber AlmightyDaq posted in March. 

Everything except the pigeon. You can see that below if you skip to 1m50s but here’s the main bit:  

“There’s also a pigeon game mode, that is to say it’s similar to capture the flag in a way. The pigeon functions like a flag that must be held for a certain amount of time before the pigeon flies away towards the base delivering a message and scoring the team a point.”

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds: pigeons were used extensively in WW1 to transport messages across battle lines. In the context of Battlefield 1’s drive for authenticity it would actually fit in very well. 

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Leon Hurley
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