Thanks to this "10/10 indie game" Twitter trend, your wishlist is about to get a whole lot bigger

What Remains of Edith Finch
(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

Twitter users are sharing what indie games they believe are ten out of tens, and I've got to say, I agree with a lot of these. 

The trend started with Twitter user (also Game Spot editor) @markdelaneysays who asked others in the community to share what indie games they believe to be 10/10 games. For Delaney, the games they chose are the narrative adventure game Before Your Eyes, the atmospheric puzzle game RiMe, the psychological horror Soma, and the musical action game Sayonara Wild Hearts

It seems that Delaney isn't the only one with a soft spot for indies, as several other Twitter users have quote retweeted the tweet sharing their personal 10/10 indie games, many of which also include some of the games mentioned above. Other than Delaney's picks, we're seeing a lot of love for The Outer Wilds, Celeste, Stardew Valley, and Hollow Knight. Some personal favorites from the trend include What Remains of Edith Finch, Gone Home, Night in the Woods, Oxenfree, and many more. 

Speaking of indies, there's still a few hours left of Steam Next Fest which gives players a chance to play demos of a range of upcoming titles, two of which we have tried and tested ourselves. If you're looking for a gorgeous Metroidvania, GamesRadar+'s senior writer Austin Wood can't recommend Afterimage enough. As for me, I've been playing My Dream Setup's demo and now can't wait to play the full thing when it releases next month.

For more hidden gems to add to your wishlist, take a look at our upcoming indie games list. 

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