TGS 2011: Silent Hill: Downpour trailer, featuring Korn

Check out the latest trailer for Silent Hill: Downpour. Fresh from the fog, the clip is set to the perennially angsty strains of Korn, taking you inside the head of the game's protagonist, escaped convict Murphy Pendleton. Stick around for the final minute, when things start to get authentically creepy, Silent Hill-style.

The prison bus crash setup ought to ring bells with anyone familiar with The Fugitive in any of its cinematic or televisual incarnations – though Downpour's antagonists are considerably creepier than a murderous one-armed man. As you can see from this clip, the title – set in a hitherto unexplored quarter of Silent Hill – isn't lacking in moody variations on the series' theme of guilt and punishment. Expect to see more of the game between now and the Q1 2012 release date.

Sep 19, 2011