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TGS 09: Dante's Inferno - horrifying nipple boss

Before the Tokyo Game Show opened up to the public, EA unveiled the new Lust level from Dante’s Inferno. This unseen area focuses on Dante’s ascent through a dark tower to battle Cleopatra. She’s the boss of the level and one of the many damned figures depicted in the original epic poem. The tower is surrounded by the lust storm, a powerful force fueled by the carnal desires of the damned.

The architecture seen in this stage is full of naughty imagery. Towering phallic columns and sperm-like floor reliefs are everywhere. But our admiration of the Lust level’s design was soon interrupted by our first battle against a temptress. These haughty female beasts bear claws as weapons. But the temptress also packs a special hidden weapon and can unzip her torso to reveal a gigantic prehensile appendage, which will wrap itself around Dante so that she can drag him towards her groin. Like all good carnal beasts, temptresses don’t bother clothing their bosoms and wear nothing but a pair of high heeled stilettos.

Above: Watch out. This temptress is packing some heat

After dispatching the horrifying temptresses, we made our way to a chamber and faced a short puzzle section, which involved destroying the fangs of a stone snake, presumably a reference to the death of Cleopatra, who killed herself with the poison of an asp. Solving the puzzle revealed Beatrice, Dante’s love who he has followed into Hell. But before we could reach her, she was taken away on a massive stone elevator powered by the lust storm.

Above: Enemies emerge from Cleopatra’s nipples and babies are hewn as a topless temptress tries to crawl away with her appendage between her legs

We followed, and as enemies rained down on us, a giant Cleopatra appeared in the background and began to climb the tower with the elevator we were riding. The demo concluded with a boss fight against Cleopatra, who sat on the edge of the tower as new enemies emerged from her nipples. She would then grab these enemies off of her body and scatter them over the roof. We had to dispatch these enemies as we fought Cleopatra herself.

Given the vivid imagery in this level and surplus of dead babies seen, it seems certain that Dante’s Inferno will cause controversy. We’ll keep you posted on any more WTF encounters you can expect to cringe through as the game’s early 2010 release date draws nearer.

Oct 1, 2009