Terminator Dark Fate cast tease gut-wrenching finale: "I haven’t seen action and emotion like this since the second movie"

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"We could easily make two movies out of this, the amount of story that we’re packing in,” says Tim Miller, the director of the forthcoming sixth Terminator movie, Dark Fate. Speaking to Total Film magazine about the sequel, which will ignore every Terminator movie since Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the filmmaker teased that the reception to Dark Fate has already been overwhelming.

“Jim [Cameron, who returns as producer on the movie] kind of invented the fourth act structure where you reach a point where you think the movie is over, and then it goes on further," says Miller. "[Dark Phoenix director] Simon Kinberg watched it the other day and he said, ‘Holy shit, when the C-5 sequence came up I thought that was the end of the movie!’ Of course, it wasn’t, but when the foot hits the pedal, it just doesn’t come up.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who returns to the series as T-800 in Dark Fate, is equally positive about the new movie – “I haven’t seen action and emotion like this since the second movie. It feels new again” – while the first test audiences were reportedly in tears during the gut-wrenching finale.

Linda Hamilton, who returns as Sarah Connor, is equally gushing about Dark Fate. "I just try to do the best I can and try to make a really good film. I think it is a really good film, too," she says. "Honestly, anybody can do big action now, and the majority of big tentpole movies have that. But what I think makes this movie work is the characters. The cast are fucking amazing. I think the communal talent on this film is unbelievable. Together, I think we’ve made a really worthy contender for the mantle of the third film in the series.

“The truth is though," she continues, "above everything else, this is just the Terminator that I really wanted to see.”

(Image credit: Fox)

Schwarzenegger and Hamilton both spoke at length with Total Film magazine about working on Dark Fate, which you can read all about in the latest issue. See more exclusive images here. The new issue reaches store shelves on September 20. Meanwhile, Terminator: Dark Fate lands in cinemas on October 23.

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