Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as the Terminator in this exclusive image from Terminator: Dark Fate

(Image credit: Fox)

"I'll be back." Those famous words were uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800 in the very first Terminator movie. And, of course, the murderous robot-turned-hero came back, again, again, and again again – most recently in Terminator Genisys. Now, the actor (and former Governor of California) returns once more as the iconic character in Terminator: Dark Fate, a movie which will ignore all previous Terminator sequels, save for Judgment Day.

“He looks different, and he is different,” director Tim Miller says of Arnie's Terminator. “It’s an interesting way to portray him. He’s just so iconic, but it’s something we haven’t seen in any of the other films. I personally think that he looks the best since Terminator 2.” 

You can see an exclusive look at the film above, courtesy of our sister publication Total Film magazine, whose new issue features an extended interview with Miller and Sarah Connor actress Linda Hamilton. “The first time back in costume was powerful,” Hamilton says of returning as her Connor. “I walked out of the trailer and it knocked the breath out of everybody. When I saw the look on everyone else’s face, I was like, ‘Alright, I think I can do this!’”

The new movie also introduced new faces to the franchise, including Mackenzie Davis as a half-machine supersoldier sent back from the future to protect Natalia Reyes’ human target, and Gabriel Luna as the advanced Rev-9 Terminator hunting them both.

Terminator: Dark Fate opens in UK cinemas October 23 in the UK and November 1 in the US. The new issue of Total Film magazine reaches store shelves on August 23 and features an in-depth look at all the comic book movies coming to cinemas across the next few years, including Joker.

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