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Christopher Nolan reportedly didn’t want to delay Tenet

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Tenet may have been delayed – shifting back slightly (opens in new tab) from its original July 17 release date to July 31 – but it appears to have been a studio-mandated decision. A new report suggests director Christopher Nolan wanted to keep things as originally planned.

The New York Times (opens in new tab) has given a peek behind-the-scenes on what was, arguably, one of the most important release date decisions in recent years.

“In recent weeks, Warner, concerned about its Tenet investment, was leaning in favor of postponement, while Mr. Nolan, a fervent advocate for preserving the moviegoing experience, was more eager to press ahead,” the report said.

Nolan, who has continually campaigned for and pioneered the use of IMAX technology, recently saw a new Tenet trailer debut in Fortnite (opens in new tab). Still, the traditionalist in him remained steadfast – and a two-week delay feels like a compromise to appease both Warner Bros. and Nolan rather than anything too drastic.

A Tenet delay actually seemed less likely in recent weeks. AMC Cinemas is gearing up to re-open its theatres (opens in new tab) in time for the blockbuster’s release in July, while Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff recently said (via The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab)). “We are committed to – and are excited about – releasing Tenet in theaters this summer or whenever theaters reopen.”

Warner Bros., meanwhile, has seen several of its movies pushed further back into 2020, 2021 – and beyond. Wonder Woman 1984 (opens in new tab) has moved from its summer slot to October 2; Tom and Jerry is now March 5, 2021, Godzilla vs. Kong has retreated to May 21, 2021, and The Matrix 4 has been delayed a year to April 1, 2022.

Whether the report rings true or not, one thing is for certain: we all have to wait a little longer to see Tenet in cinemas, even Chris Nolan. Bring on July 31?

Bradley Russell
Bradley Russell

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