Tenchu Z screens and gameplay details emerge

Microsoft has released a pair of new screenshots for its upcoming 360 exclusive, Tenchu Z. Along with the screens, we've also been given a glimpse at the early gameplay.

Initial details suggest a heavy emphasis on blending into everyday environments.When sneaking through the shadows just won't cut it, you can customizeany numberof bodily features, clothing and accessories to fit the right situation. Helping you stay afloat in the rapidly changing world of ninja fashion, new sorts of accessoriescan be unlockedalong the way.

Above: Here's one of the new screens, hit the Images tab for the other

But that sort of customizationhas been common forquite a while- anyone who's ever created a kicker in Madden can tell you that. The most interesting new feature is a power-up called "Impersonation."This allows you to actuallysteal your victim's identity for a brief while, strolling through enemy territory virtually undetected. Sounds promising.

We'll keep you updated on further information regarding Tenchu Z.

March 21, 2007