Tenchu 4

Tenchu 4 marks the series’ exclusive foray onto the Wii, and with it come all new ways to murder your enemies. Follow our handy guide and get a glimpse of how killing with the remote and Nunchuk may be all kinds of fun.

Sneak or be weak

If the guards catch you, you’re toast. Luckily these feudal shmoes have hired from The Deaf Henchman Corporation. You could eat a bag of chips behind these guys and they wouldn’t notice. Stay out of their line of sight and you’ll be fine. Approach from behind, tiptoe along rafters – a tap of A hefts you up – or submerge in ornamental ponds. It’s not dignified, but neither is getting an axe through your face, so quit moaning.

Keep to the shadows

Not every guard is going to offer prime back for stabbing opportunities: you’ll need the shadows to get round these fools. A remote flick will dive your ninja into nearby wispy black areas – denoting hiding places. Flick when hidden to roll to the next clump. Now you’re moving like Ninja Cat. The ninja’s second weapon against light is his lungs. “What,” you ask, “cutting out his lung and dousing the flame with blood?” No, no. Blow it out. Failing that, grab your ninja snorkel and spray water to destroy that fire.

How to murder, part 1

Sneak close enough on foot and the remote will pulsate with your nervous heartbeat. When the screen flashes blue you’re close enough to activate a kill. Tap A and then select one of four kills with a remote flick left, right or down, or a Nunchuck wobble. Necks can be broken, but the true murder connoisseur will steal his foe’s sword and impale him on the floor with it, skewer him with a backwards thrust or just spin that sucker, slitting his belly as he goes. This way the fool bleeds out and none of it gets on you. Dry-cleaning bonus!

How to murder, part 2

Like a murder-based variant on Hallmark cards, Rikimaru and Ayame have a kill for every occasion. Crawl into one of the many ponds and enemies can be yanked in. Hold on tight as you become the human equivalent of concrete boots. Pull yourself up to a rafter and you can hook your legs over the beam, hang down and break unsuspecting necks. This is a bit like Spider-Man. A really horrible Spider-Man. Naturally, true villains will go for the sleepy kill: find a napping guard and run him through. Sweet dreams, corpse.