Ten ways the games industry is shafting you

Do you think Nintendo really can't produce enough Wiis to satisfy demand? How about Super Smash Bros. Brawl disks? When Jack Tretton challenged us to find a PS3 on the shelf,Âno one had any problems, so why would he make the challenge in the first place?

Shortages, in the minds of the companies, generate demand. The hope is that, when their product isÂfinallyÂavailable, it'll be snatched up like bags of Doritos in a smoke-filled college dorm room.

The only way to avoid this tomfoolery is patience. Avoid overpriced Ebay auctions, and buy your console or game when it s available. Oh, and preorders? TheyÂnever seem like a good idea.

Above: A leaked flowchart from Nintendo's official business plan

Possibly the sleaziest thing on this list is insincere viral marketing. "All I want for Xmas is a PSP?" No, we'd prefer a DS, but thanks for the filthy, filthy lies. These hype generating viral sensations are generally pretty easy to spot, so keep an eye out.

The instances in which they aren't easy to spot are why you need to be extra vigilant. You never know when what you read is actually advertising in disguise. In other news, Kane and Lynch is totally awesome and you should all buy it right now!

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Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer