Ten ways the games industry is shafting you

Why couldn't Wi-Fi support have been included in the 360? We're already paying for our Live memberships, so would it have set Microsoft back that much to include at least 802.11b?

Apparently, yes, because they instead decided to charge us almost $100 for it. And can we use a different brand of wireless adapter? You know, one thatÂcosts less than halfÂof their proprietary adapter? No, that would be ridiculous and you're stupid for even asking.

Companies are always going to try to make us buy their hardware to do what we want. Rock Band with a Guitar Hero controller on the PS3? Not likely.

Your only hope comes in the form of homebrew hackers who generally make everything better in time.

Yeah, we're talking to you, Xbox 360 Core. Sure, you're cheaper, but when we wanted to save our game, you told us we needed a memory card. When we bought that and tried to get online, you told us to go buy a hard drive. So why not buy the complete system to begin with? Good question.

The existence of the Core system merely handicaps developers by making them assume that some players might not have a hard drive. It's either that, or they have to make games that are crippled on systems without hard drives. It's one of those lose/lose things, like if Britney Spears were to go back on tour - we lose, she looses, crotch flashes for all.

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Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer