Ten Sims 3 photos you shouldn’t take in real life

The setup: You have to be super-fast on this one. Go up to any Sim and select a Mean action or give them a Rude Introduction. Immediately after toggling that interaction, select Take Photo from your camera menu and have your finger hovering on the capture button. The image will swing into Photo mode and you have a split second to snap a picture of a very angry Sim who may or may not be about to storm away.

Why you really shouldn’t get this shot in real life: It’s dangerous. You go up to anybody – even someone you know very well – to insult them and then immediately bust out a camera and they’re either going to grab the camera with their hand to keep you from taking the photo or just punch you in the face. Either way, this is one shot only celebrity paparazzi are successful at snagging and given the number of black eyes the get in the process we don’t think it’s worth it.