Telstra is giving away an Xbox Series S with 24 months of Game Pass with select Samsung phones

Xbox Series S
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Samsung released its new Samsung Galaxy S22 series of phones earlier this year, and according to our sibling site TechRadar, the premium model in that series—the Galaxy S22 Ultra—is the best Android phone of 2022. If you've got at least AU$1,249 to spare and don't play nice with iPhones, chances are you'll be looking at the Galaxy S22 range as your next phone. If that's the case, Telstra has quite a generous deal kicking off tomorrow.

Starting Thursday, August 4 at 1am and lasting 23 hours, any Samsung Galaxy S22 series phone purchased on the Telstra Store will have an Xbox Series S bundled in. Not only that, but it's a free Xbox All Access bundle, which comes with the console as well as 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate. In other words, spend at least AU$1,249 on a new phone, and get AU$792 worth of gaming goodness thrown in for free.

The deal is a part of Telstra Day, which is less a day for paying one's respects to Telstra, and more a day for getting discounts on a range of tech stuff. It applies to outright or on-plan purchases of Galaxy S22 models. 

Note that the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will roll on after the initial 'free' 24 month period that comes with Xbox All Access – after which, it'll cost AU$15.95 a month. Of course, you can just cancel it if you don't want to continue.

So to summarize, here are the three phones the deal applies to:

Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB / 256GB), starting from AU$1,249
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus (128GB / 256GB), starting from AU$1,549
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB / 256GB / 512GB), starting from AU$1,849

  Xbox All Access for free, with select Samsung Galaxy S22 model phone purchases (via Telstra)

 Xbox All Access for free, with select Samsung Galaxy S22 model phone purchases (via Telstra)
Xbox All Access is a subscription service that includes the Xbox Series S or X, plus Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a fixed monthly price on a 24 month contract. Starting August 4 at 1am and running for 23 hours, get Xbox All Access with an Xbox Series S for free when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S22 model phone.

Again, the offer is only available from 1am on August 4 for 23 hours and while stock lasts, so if you're keen you'll want to be quick.

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