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Tell the internet you want this shirt

August is here. That means that it’s going to be hot. I’m not talking hot like it’s hot right now, I mean fuming, scorching, soul blistering hot. That should say one thing to you: T-shirts only. And if you shop for clothes the way we do, your threads may be looking a little out of plush. Lucky for us, we might get this one from British artist Stuart "Bramish" Colebrook if - and it’s a big if - you have the ability, knowledge, and cajones to do what’s right. See, if you want this shirt, you've gotta vote for it.

Above: Perfection, it seems, comes in TWO colors.

Taking a public domain illustration of séance and combining it with a ghost that everybody and their brother will want to bring back from the netherworld, Colebrook’s shirt could be yours; provided you vote for it Browsers on the intertron have until August 3rd (if we're counting right) to cast their votes to see if the online clothing retailer will print the design, which is actually titled Medium Difficulty.

You have your orders. Don’t screw this up for the rest of us.

Jul 31, 2010