Tell Me Why release date set for August in Xbox Games Showcase event

(Image credit: Dontnod Entertainment)

The Tell Me Why release date is finally official, and players will only have to wait a little over a month to start playing the first episode.

Along with showing off a new look at the narrative mystery game at the Xbox Games Showcase event, developer Dontnod revealed that Tell Me Why (opens in new tab) is coming to Xbox One on August 27. The game tells the story of a pair of twins who reunite after a long separation to sell their childhood home in a small Alaskan town. Players will follow both twins through the home as each recalls their own experiences of the same events. The player will be able to choose which memory to believe, dictating the strength of the twins' relationship and the events of their lives further down the line.

One of Tell Me Why's twin protagonists, Tyler Ronan, is a transgender man, and Dontnod and Xbox Game Studios are positioning this as a first for a game from a major publisher. The developer worked LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD to help ensure its depiction of Tyler was sensitive and truthful while embracing his role in a story that goes beyond typical narrative trans tropes.

Tell Me Why will be told across three chapters, and while we don't know when the other two parts of the story will arrive yet, Dontnod has pledged to release them on a predictable schedule.

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