Tell Me Something review

When bin-bags full of mismatched male limbs start appearing on the streets of Seoul in summer 1999, disgraced local detective Cho (Suk-kyu Han) is called in to investigate. Soporifically piecing together clues – and corpses – he gathers information from the enigmatic Chae Su-Yeon (Eun-ha Shim), who had relationships with all the dead men and appears to be either the key to the identity of the killer or the next victim.

This improbably twisty tale begins like a Korean The Silence Of The Lambs before an unlikely twist sends it off on a whole new tangent. Despite all the blood sloshing around, the characters remain anaemic and almost impossible to empathise with. Unfortunately, this is most true of Cho – who remains unmoved even when viewing the killer’s gruesome home movies – and Chae, who awaits her fate by pottering around record shops looking a bit miserable.

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