Tekken 6: First screens of fat bastard

17Sept 07

Namco recentlyannounced a new clinically obese character for Tekken 6 - Bob. Now we get first screens of the fat guy going nutzoid in a fight.

His inflated physique may actually be a bit misleading because according to his biog he's a martial arts expert who put on the pounds purposely so he'd be able to take on larger enemies. Presumably he was a 7 stone wiener of a man before.

Whatever, his obese nature belies the fact that he's hard and fast- butalso likely to suffer from heart attacks, shortness of breath, liver failure and deep vein thrombosis. Fat Bobcan also be distractedduring fights if his opponent whispers the words 'cakes', 'buns' or 'pork fat' at him.

For more fattisthilarity(it's not his fault - he's got aproblem with his glands)check out the screens here.