Tekken 5 gets loaded on your PS3

Sony dropped us a press release regarding Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection- and some gorgeous screenshots to boot. It's an exclusive download from the Playstation store, and though we can't confirm a price just yet, rest assured it will be within the budget of even the most frugal of gamer. And did we mention that this time the road to the King of the Iron Fist Tournament will be broadcast in 1080p? Now that's a pretty brawler.

Above: Photo courtesy of our innermostthoughts and desires

Don't let the photo up there fool you.With the included Arcade and Ghost modes, plus plentiful art galleries and the newly playable Jinpachi Mishima, Dark Resurrection is set to give your PS3 a shellacking every bit as severe as an Electric Wind Godfist to the face. Click the Images tab up top to see pictures that are decidedly more manly. Orclick here to seetoday's preview.

February 6, 2007