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Ted Bundy review

Based on the life and crimes of America's prolific `70s lady-killer, this truncated biopic follows in the tradition of Ed Gein, with a little dash of American Psycho's high camp thrown in for good measure.

Taking us inside the addled mind of Ted Bundy, director Matthew Bright (Freeway, Confessions Of A Trickbaby) uses fast zooms, jump cuts and slo-mo to produce a thoroughly disturbing movie that shifts from horrific violence to unsettling comedy and gruelling sex scenes with a giddy sense of abandon.

Certainly not the moral outrage some have claimed, Bundy`s real failing is its inability to decide on whether it's going for biopic reality or sleazy sensationalism. To his credit, Bright empties his directorial bag of tricks in the process, but the movie ends up floating between serious assessment and stylised nastiness. Still, there can be no faulting Michael Reilly Burke's chill'n'charm portrayal of Bundy, a man said to have killed between 30 and 150 women.

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