Team Fortress 2 receiving Über Update this Thursday, über überness promised (überly)

Valve is planning big things for Team Fortress 2. %26Uuml;ber things, one might say. Yesterday, the studio launched a new TF2 website and began teasing the arrival of %26ldquo;the biggest, most ambitious update in the history of Team Fortress 2%26rdquo;, aka the %26Uuml;ber Update, heading for Steam this Thursday, June 23rd.

Part of the update will include a new %26ldquo;Meet the%26rdquo; short film featuring either the Pyro or Medic character. Cryptic clues like %26ldquo;It's NOT the Pyro%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;It's the MEDIC%26rdquo; have been posted to the site, although these raise more questions than answers.

Thankfully, Valve was more forthcoming with information about two new classes associated with the update. Revealed yesterday during Day 1 of the %26Uuml;ber Update countdown, the %26ldquo;Mobster Monday%26rdquo; pack brings three new weapons with varying perks to both the Scout and Heavy classes. It also includes a new payload map entitled Barnblitz, wherein players can %26ldquo;show your enemies you can 'hit the broad side of a barn' (be really good at the Mafia) while you make them 'buy the farm' (quit their Mafia jobs and becomes farmers).%26rdquo;

Judging by the hype, and the significant freebies detailed in 'Mobster Monday', it appears TF2 players are in for a truckload of new content come Thursday. An %26Uuml;ber truckload, no less. And to sweeten the pot, Valve is offering newbies an opportunity to experience the uberness for no money right now down during its %26ldquo;Week-Long Free Weekend%26rdquo;.

For daily updates on the %26Uuml;ber Update, update your bookmarks to the %26uuml;berly updatedTF2 blog.

Jun 21, 2011

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