Team Fortress 2 gets "largest update" ever

What Valve is calling the "largest update" to date for Team Fortress 2 on PC should be ready to surge down your Steam pipe at 11am tomorrow.

The update includes new map Badlands - a revamped version of the map TFC players will be familiar with - general optimisations and new iterations of Dustbowl, Granary and CTF_Well maps that have been tweaked for "for enhanced performance and gameplay".

Cue bullet-point list...

  • The free update includes global optimizations for networking, graphics, and player statistics, plus improvements to Source TV for tournament viewing.
  • In addition, three of the currently available maps (Dustbowl, Granary, CTF_Well) have been iterated for enhanced performance and gameplay.
  • The release is headlined by the introduction of Badlands, a new map that pushes control-point gameplay onto vertical landscapes.

Should you want the complete breakdown of the update, you can get that on (opens in new tab).

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Feb 14, 2008