Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3 - hands-on

Just like before, you can buy snacks and decor for your cute partners with your hard earned Gotchi, but this time two of the shop minigames are incorporated into the park as well. Like old people use metal detectors recreationally on the beach, you can scan your park with a treasure detector and dig it up like in the Treasure Hunters minigame. You also have to keep an eye on the park and keep it neat and tidy, sorting and recycling any trash that shows up in your area like in the Recycling Center minigame.

Above: Don't forget about Memetchi and her "remarkably sparkly, big eyes." She loves "things that are curly," and really, who doesn't?

While there's still no real multiplayer, there are a few options for Tamagotchi buddies to share via gift and journal exchanges over Wi-Fi. While we do like sending and receiving goodies with our Tamagotchi buddies, we would have like to maybe see some competitive multiplayer this time around.

Above: We couldn't imagine any Tamagotchi going postal, but if we had to pick it'd probably be Mametchi

Still, Corner Shop 3 looks to be shaping up nicely, and definitely won't disappoint fans of the series. We love the way our Tamagotchi partners address us directly through the screen rather than through an on-screen avatar, and their little quips and comments are as delightful as ever. Look for our review when the game ships this June, and check back with us tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Nobuaki Taguchi, localization manager for Corner Shop 3. Until then, check out our thoroughscreen galleryto see more of the new shops.

Above: Work it, Violetchi!

May 6, 2008