TalkRadar UK 14: Total filler

- George questions whether dinosaurs actually existed.
- Matt introduces usto the delights of Gribbly's Day Out.
- Nathan makes a mockery of his own rules in 'Question Time'.
- An argument over whether a shark is a monster.
-Scottish Davemakes a bold claim about Jurassic Parkthat he is NEVER allowed to forget.

Above: Matt Cundy gets stuck into his stout

Above: The 'gang' think seriously about what they are doing

Above: While JUDAS sips Fosters (disguised in a Heineken glass)nearby

Or is it...

... no. It's Meiks.

Cundy's favourite game of ALL time...


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Post date: 18th November 2009
Run time:56 minutes05 seconds
Music by:Sabrepulse
Sponsored beverage: Guinness (apart from Scottish Dave who girled out and had a weak lager instead.)