TalkRadar UK 1 - E3 comedown

You didn't ask for it and we've only half brought it to you: GamesRadar's UK team has finally got off its collective ass and sat in a room for 50 minutes talking as animatedly as possible about videogames, and called it a podcast.

Highlights/post-recording observations are:

- How many times Scottish Dave doesn't say anything

- Nathan's uncanny knack of saying 'again' every other sentence. Again.

- Justin's rampant yet too often denied Sony fanboyism

- And... Editor George foolishly getting The Beatles' wives and daughters mixed up

Oh, and for any global listeners, listen out for the world exclusive of a Cornish man on a podcast - our very own Matt Cundy.

(There's something about being a murderer and dressing up as a woman in there too which we're less proud of and nearly edited out.) All in all it's a 7 out of 10, good for fans of the genre, worth a rental (or free download). There will be more so stay tuned.

Update: We've re-upped a louder version. Thanks for letting us know.

Another update: People have asked what we talked about. The plan was loosely to cover E3 so we touched on what it was like to be at the show, motion control, PSP Go, where we think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are headed next...That sort of thing.

Yet another update: If you are interested, the Podcast is recorded in Future Publishing's recording studio in Bath, UK.

The podcasters in this episodeare: Nathan Irvine, George Walter, David Houghton, Matt Cundy, Justin Towell and David Meikleham.

15 June 2009