TalkRadar Clip of the Week: Ending the Console War...

Seriously, we know you’re busy people! We also know a lot of you reading GamesRadar haven’t ever listened toour filthy, stupid podcast: TalkRadar. We understand your trepidation. They're too long, podcasts are boring, etc… Well, here’s a bite-sized clip we humbly ask that you try super-quick like! It may not be what you were expecting

“The PS3 is better because DURRRR!”
“The Xbox 360 is better cause HURRRRR!”

Shane Patterson and I had had enough of this vile console war. So one day we decided to end it once and for all. How, you ask? The only way we know: Using deeply hurtful personal insults! Some of you know it as “The Dozens.” However, most of you know the style from a canceled MTV show centered on two people volleying “Yo Mama!” jokes back and forth... the name of that program currently escapes me.

We each chose a console, retrofitted some schoolyard jokes to pertain to videogames, added a little hippity-hop beat and BAZAAM! The console wars were over. And history would (will!) eventually thank us. A bit of a warning: A few people found this bit “ethically insensitive,” but assuming you have a loose understanding of context and parody, you shouldbe okay.


This bit comes all the way back fromTalkRadar 56, which was recorded at the height of the Infamous vs Prototype debate, and also just so happened to feature interviews with the MST3K guys and Giant Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker. (WOW?!) People keep asking us to do it again, but I’m sad to inform the populace that Mr. Patterson has since left GamesRadar to pursue a career in professional wrestling. He's still out there on the internet, though... somewhere.

RIP Pain Shatterson 2006-2009

Aug 19, 2010

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