TalkRadar 58 - Farewell MJ

The Top 7... bitchin' fireworks displays-The best ballistics pixels have to offer. Plus an immensely badass Walrus!

A TalkRadar Salute to Michael Jackson -Tons of MJ audio you won't hear anywhere else to helpyou grieve with a smile. Speaking of which...

Every game outlet in the world posted the flyer below, but only TalkRadar has the Engrish epitaph written on the next page.

Only one Sony published PS3 title has sold more than a million- Hint: It's pictured below!

Question of the Week #42: What dead company or franchise do you miss the most?

Above: Shane and Chris simply won't stop 'til they get enough

Above: A frightening T-DAR/OXM hybrid stopped by the TalkRadar forums

Above: What Brett was doing instead of podcasting (drinking in Illinois)

Above: Joe Masturbaby insults the Misfits by adding our heads

Above: Pyr0qvy pays us a bizarre compliment

Above: ssjraditzmakes areference to a frequently mispronounced puzzle game fromTalkRadar 57

Futura Gamer's Desk Contest Winners!

Wow, this was a hard contest to judge - you guys are f'ing slobs! In the end, we had to consider both the disgusting sloppiness of your setups and the awkwardness of them - some of you don't even have chairs (go buy chairs!). After much careful consideration, the winners are... StickyLungs, fffliiippper, and moonwalk_mafia!

If you won, make sure you're over 18 (PROTIP: can you vote?) or have permission from your parents to receive the prize - one Futura Gamer's Desk. Then PM your name and address to GamesRadarTylerWilde and your prize will be on its way.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and we're sorry we can't give out more of these, but honestly, what you guys really need is some sort of terraforming. See all of the cringe-worthy entries in the forums.

And if didn't win (or even enter), you can always purchase one of the Gamer's Desks for 20% off by using the coupon code GamesRadar-GamersDesk at

Post date:
July 3, 2009
T-Dar 58 length: 2:03:38
Quote of the week: “You haven’t paid attention to him since you were a kid, but it still rips something out of the back of your memory and holds it in front of your face so you can see how black it is before you die."
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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