Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 walkthrough

Tales of Monkey Island

Chapter One: The Launch of the Screaming Narwhal

Guide Version: 1.4

Written by: 


Jason D. (Coolthud)

AKA TrekkieMonsterUK 

- monkeyguide@coolthud.co.uk

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[ii]...Characters in this Episode

[iii]...Game Controls


(a)...Finish enchanting the cursed cutlass of Kuflu

(b)...Finish enchanting the cursed cutlass of Kuflu (2nd Attempt)

(c)...Find out who Deep Gut is, and his/her location:

-----Deed 1: Start a Bar Fight

-----Deed 2: Become Captain of The Screaming Narhwal

-----Deed 3: Find some buried treasure

(d)...Use Deep Guts help to stop the Flotsam Winds and get off the island

(e)...Use the Ancient Wind Control Device to stop the Winds

-----Idol 1: God of Winds that Knock your Hat Off (Mysterious Idol)

-----Idol 2: Wind that makes you reconsider wearing shorts (Strange Idol)

-----Idol 3: God of Broken Wind (Enigmatic Idol)

-----Idol 4: God of... Unknown (Messed Up Idol)

(f)...Subdue your poxy hand so you can tell Winslow where to set sail to

[v]...Author's Screenshots

[vi]...Guide Credits & Author Contact & Copyright & Updates

HINT: Use the bracketed numbers and letters as a way to search through 

this guide.

Spoiler Notice: This whole walkthrough should be regarded as one big 

spoiler. I will not be warning you of upcoming spoilers in this piece, 

so if you don’t want to know the story, or how to solve a puzzle in 

the game (why on Earth are you even reading this then?) please DO NOT 

read any further. 

[i]... Synopsis:  Spoiler Alert - The one and only alert I'm giving in 

this guide. ;)


The world’s favourite pirate is back. Whilst trying to rescue his his 

wife, Elaine, from the clutches of the evil zombie pirate LeChuck, 

Guybrush Threepwood accidentally blows up LeChuck’s ship, absorbs part 

of LeChuck’s zombie mojo, turns LeChuck human, and blows up his own 

ship scattering himself, his arch nemesis and his plunder bunny to the 

four corners of the Caribbean. 

Finding himself washed up alone on the shore of Flotsam Island, 

Guybrush sets off on a journey to gain a ship to go and rescue Elaine, 

all while his zombie mojo’d left hand is causing more and more 


[ii]...Characters in this episode*: 


Zombie Pirate LeChuck 

- Becoming Human Pirate LeChuck early in the game



Elaine Marley 

- Hero's missus... ball and chain... better half.... 

'er indoors.... Guybrush's wife.


Guybrush Threepwood 

- A hero needs no introduction




Davey Nipperkin 

- Keelhauler Gazette Reporter



- Glass blower extraordinaire



Captain Winslow 

- (Becoming just plain ol’ Winslow later in the game) 

- Current captain of the Screaming Narwhal, but not 

for much longer... *evil grin*


Joaquin D’Oro 

- Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire (allegedly) - likes 

to play with dolls, sorry action figures)


Hemlock McGee 

- (Aka Crusty Pirate)


The Marquis De Singe

- Doctor and Chapter 1 Bad Guy


* = This list gives the names of this chapter's characters in order 

of appearance as they appear in this guide. 

The URLs listed are my screenshots of the characters which have 

been uploaded to gameFAQs.com

[iii]... Game Controls:



You can click and drag the mouse in the direction you want Guybrush to 

move. Alternatively, the WASD keys will move you North, West, South 

and East respectively. 


By default you walk everywhere, however if you hold down the SHIFT key 

whilst moving you will run. 


Open with the "I" key, or "tab", and close with the "I"/"Tab" key


Space bar key


Click left mouse button.

-----Skip Current Dialog:

Want to skip through a scene quicker? CLick right mouse button during

spoken dialog to skip to the next bit

-----Combine Items: 

Open Inventory with "I" key, place the two items you want to combine 

in the two empty slots on the left of the inventory pane, and click 

the red button between them. If the combine is successful a green glow 

will surround the items and they will morph into the new item which is 

automatically placed in your inventory. If the combine is 

unsuccessful, there will be a clunk noise and the items will be 

returned to the inventory.

-----Examine Items - Game world: 

Click the item with left mouse button.

-----Examine Items - Inventory: 

Open inventory with the "I" key, and drag the item to the magnifying 

glass icon, or click the magnifying glass icon, and place the 

magnifying glass over the item and left click.

-----Hints/Click-able Items:

Hit the F4 key to highlight all clickable items currently on screen.





Location: Deep in the Caribbean - The Rock of Gelato

This forms the training area of the game, and introduces the games 

plot to us.


Story: LeChuck has captured Elaine, and is gloating over his success. 

Guybrush is chasing down LeChuck’s ship intent on rescuing his plunder 

bunny and stopping LeChuck once and for all (again...)

       Objective:  Rescue Elaine and defeat LeChuck


(a)... Part 1/2: Finish enchanting the cursed cutlass of Kuflu


Pick up voodoo instructions

Pick Up Monkey Coffin, and Examine it in your inventory (Receive Root 


Combine Root Beer and Breath Mints (which are in your inventory 

already) - Receive: Fizzy Root Beer

Combine Sword and Fizzy Root Beer

Story: Guybrush gloats about LeChuck's upcoming demise at the hands

of the cursed cutlass, but the Zombie Pirate sails his ship into

Guybrush's ships hull, causing Guybrush to drop his root beer 

concotion and causing us to have to start over...

Part 2/2: Finish enchanting the cursed cutlass of Kuflu - 2nd  Attempt


Talk to Elaine,  "Throw me the Rope"

Use your sword on Chuck the Plant - Receive: Chuck Roots

Use "Chuck Root" with Grog barrel on ship deck

Add "Breath Mints" from inventory to "Root Grog" barrel on ship deck

Use your sword with "Fizzy Root Grog" barrel - Receive: Enchanted 


Use your Enchanted Cutlass with LeChuck

Story: Guybrush stabs LeChuck with the sword. LeChuck’s Zombie Mojo is 

transferred through the sword to Guybrush’s hand, turning LeChuck 

human once again. Guybrush’s voodoo hand then accidentally (on 

purpose???) causes the ship to explode, scattering our hero, Elaine 

and the human LeChuck to various corners of the Caribbean. 

Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 - Launch of the Screaming Narwhal 

[Title Screen]


Story: Guybrush finds himself washed up on Plunder Island, and is 

found by a local pirate (name unknown, whom Guybrush’s Voodoo Hand 

immediately punches)  and local newspaper reporter Davey Nipperkin, 

from the Keelhauler Gazette. Nipperkin tells Guybrush that once 

you are on Plunder Island you are trapped as the winds prevent all

ships from leaving the island. Nipperkin says his source "Deep Gut" 

will know a way off the island.

[Chapter introduction screen] - (makes a great desktop wallpaper - 

Use print screen to copy or download from my screenshot gallery 



       Objective:  Find a ship and a way off Plunder Island 


(c)... Part 1/3: Find out who Deep Gut is, and his/her location:


Story: You need to do three pirate-y deeds to give the local reporter 

something to write about. He will then tell you who his source "Deep 

Gut" is. 

-----Deed 1: Start a Bar Fight

Walk around the Dock to the Screaming Narwhal. 

Examine the "Socks" on the ship’s Clothesline - Receive: Club 41 

Membership Card

Walk back around the dock to Club 41. Click on the door.

Story:  Guybrush will show the membership card, he will be blindfolded 

and lead into the club. His Voodoo Hand then causes a bar fight, and 

Guybrush is ejected from the club. Nipperkin sees what happens and 

takes notes to write the story up. 

Click on Broken Grogatini Glass - Receive: Grogatini Sword (required 

for Deed 3)

-----Deed 2: Become Captain of The Screaming Narhwal

Leave the docks and get to the Plunder Island map screen. Go to 

"Jungle Entrance". 

Keep heading West until you find "Pile o’ Bombs". Click on them to 

pick them up - Receive: Bombs

Return to the Screaming Narwhal

Walk up ships gangplank. You’ll slip off and leave a grease puddle on 

the dock.

Climb the ship’s anchor. Capt Winslow will knock you off with burning 

coals which will set fire to the grease on the dock, creating "Grease 


Use "Bombs" from your inventory, with the "Grease Fire"  - Receive: 

Lit Mini Bomb

Now, quickly run to the Frilly Underwear, and place the bomb in them

Climb the clothesline.

Story:  Winslow will rotate the clothesline pulley to take you away 

from the ship, but this brings the bombs to him, knocking him off the 

ship, and therefore making you the captain, and completing the deed. 

Note: Once the bomb is lit you have to complete the task of placing it 

in the underwear and boarding the ship via the clothesline quickly, 

else the bomb will explode. Should it explode before you board the 

ship, you will find a new bomb in your inventory which needs lighting 

so you can start over. 

-----Deed 3: Find some buried treasure

Leave docks, on the island map click on Jungle Entrance.

Head west one screen - you’ll find Joaquin D’Oro

Talk to him thoroughly - Receive: Map

Story: He will tell you about how he collects Poly-Articulated 

Porcelain Power Pirates, and came to Flotsam Island looking for the 

rarest of all the "Pee Pee" pirates, Dark Ninja Dave with Killer 

Karate Katana. Sounds awesome. He’d been sold a map from some dude in 

a plaid jacket and waving arms (STAN!!!!! My personal fave character, 

bring him on Telltale!) that supposedly showed the location of Dark 

Ninja Dave. 

Before you leave D’Oro, distract him (Say: Look, its Dark Ninja Dave!) 

Steal one of his Poly Articulated Porc... Oh, I’ll just call them 

DOLLS! - from the pile at his feet. 

(These are D’Oros "Pink Pajama Pierre" extras) - Receive: Action 


Story: On your first play thru the game you would probably think of 

going after the treasure with the map first, but instead we need to...

Head back to Docks. 

Go to Keelhauler Gazette 

Dip "Action Figure" in the Vats of Printers ink ("Ink Vat") - Receive:

Ink Coated Action Figure

Combine "Ink-Stained Action Figure" and "Grogatini Sword" (both in 

your inventory) - receive: Ninja Action Figure

Go back to Jungle Entrance, its time to follow the treasure map. 

Go to the Well - From the Jungle Entrance go.... West (lower looking 

path), then North 

Hint: The map shows you need to start at the well, and then it follows 

a weird line with pictures of boards, bees, birds and monkeys. When 

you get to the well, use the map with the well (the screen will shake 

to show that the treasure hunt has started), as you move further down 

each available path you will hear a sound, either BIRDS | BEES | BOARS 

| MONKEYS, so using the map for reference, follow the appropriate 

sounds to the treasure.  If you follow the correct path, Guybrush will 

comment positively. If you don’t, he’ll say "Damn!" (or something 

equivilent) and you'll have to start over.

The quick way there, starting at the well is: 

East | East |  North | South | South | North (the upper path) | West 

Click on "X marks the Spot" - Damn, someone has already been here and 

taken the treasure, just as well we made our own, eh? :D

Place "Ninja Action Figure" from your inventory into the hole. Time to 

tell D’Oro the great news! 

Click on the icon to return to Jungle Entrance. Go west (lower path) 

one screen to find him.

Click on D’Oro

Story: Guybrush takes D’Oro to the treasure, Nipperkin witnesses the 

find. Deed 3 is complete.  Nipperkin gives you a map showing where 

Deep Gut is, written on it is the word "Deadline". 

Return to Jungle Entrance, head West | North | North | North to find 

"creepy shack".

Knock on front door of shack, give the password of "Deadline". 

(d)...Part 2/3: Use Deep Guts help to stop the Flotsam Winds and get 

off the island.


Story:  Deep Gut is none other than... *drumroll please* ... The 

Voodoo Lady! Yayyyyy! And she’s just as spooky and cooky as ever. And 

she’s about much use as ever too... in other words she talks the talk 

but doesn’t walk the walk.  She tells you that you are infected with 

the Pox of LeChuck and only "Le Esponja Grande" ("The Big Sponge???") 

can cure him of it. But, that’s not on Flotsam. The only person who 

knows where it is, is the VL's ex-boyfriend. He’s on the the Jerkbait 

Islands.  During the conversation, you...  Receive:  Locket. 

Once you've regained control...

Talk to: Skeleton Parrot, and pick it up - Receive:  Pyrite Parrot

Pick Up: interesting bottle - Receive: Indestructible Bottle

Story: VL tells you that that the scroll supposedly leads to the 

answer to the winds problem of Flotsam, but its in an indestructible 

bottle! She purchased the scroll "from a bitter old pirate named, 


Leave the creepy shack. 

Pick up the broken weathervane - Receive: Ancient Weather Vane

Return to the Docks

Story: Nipperkin asks you your opinon on "The Death Cloud"- Eeek, the 

pox of LeChuck has formed a large green cloud over the island! We have 

to save them! Don’t we?

Talk to the "Crusty Pirate" outside the Court House... It’s McGee! 

Story: McGee tells you a sob story about how he lost both his legs to 

the local surgeon/doctor, the Marquis De Singe.   We should go talk to 

him, maybe he can help with Guybrush’s poxy hand. McGee also tells us 

how he was investigating the winds on the island. Make sure you talk 

to him thoroughly and you’ll... Receive: Eye of the Manatee

Head to the western docks area and talk to Crimpdigit.

Ask for a free vowel - Receive: U Tube (*groans*)

Ask if he can break bottles. 

Story: Crimpdigit will show you a gizmo for breaking his unbreakable 

bottles, however he wants money to do it. But, Guybrush is broke, 

skint, "Jurassic Brassic", got no dosh/money... so, we need another 

way to get hold of that gizmo. 

Go to the Screaming Narwhal. Use the anchor chain to board her.

Fire the Cannon. 

Pick up Cheese Wheel - Receive: Cheese Wheel

Return to Crimpdigit, he’s gone, but his gizmo is there, pick it up. 

Receive: Unbreakable Bottle Breaker

Combine "Unbreakable Bottle Breaker" and "Indestructible Bottle"

Story: Guybrush’s hand stops him breaking the bottle, so we better go 

see the Marquis de Singe to see if he can control the Pox of LeChuck 

for us.

Go to Doctors house. 

Click on Flower Pot, it drops off the wall, pick it up. 

Click on door.

Story: The Marquis will bring you into his surgery. He’s fascinated 

that Guybrush’s hand has a mind of it’s own... or a mind of LeChucks 

own. Heh. He promptly ties you down to his surgery table to cut off 

your hand. He injects your hand with a grog based concoction, which 

handily (heh) subdues your hand. Then, fortunately for Guybrush, the 

Marquis leaves the room giving us time to...

Rotate the chair left, and bring Guybrush’s feet up (WASD controls the 


Click on the key. 

Rotate the chair so your feet are in front of the monkey’s cage.

Click the key on the lock. This releases the monkey.

Rotate the chair to the left, and ding the desk bell. This causes the 

monkey to change the picture. 

Ding the bell to show the gizmo with the mouse wheel on the screen.

Lower chair so your feet can use the foot pedals. 

Note: The left pedal electro-shocks the monkey; the right pedal drops 

a banana on the desk, where the monkey stands.

Use Banane pedal to drop a banana. Doing this makes the monkey look at 

the screen and jump to where the screen shows. The monkey will now 

jump to the mouse wheel. 

Shock the monkey. His tail will knock your Xray off the worktop.

Rotate your chair to face us (the player), make sure your feet are 

lowered, then click on Xray.

Rotate chair to the left, raise your feet, and click the box of 

Projector Slides. This adds the X-Ray to the collection. 

Ding the bell til the Skeleton Hand (your xray) image is showing. 

Drop a banana to make the monkey go to the skeleton hand. 

Shock him and the monkey collects the key on his tail.

Ding the bell to show the Pirate image. 

Drop a banana to make the monkey jump to Guybrush.

Important Note: No monkeys were harmed in the production of this 

walkthrough. Well, not many...

Story: Guybrush now escapes the Doctors clinic. When control 


Combine "Unbreakable Bottle" and "Unbreakable Bottle Breaker" - 

Receive: Ancient Scroll

Combine "Ancient Scroll" and "Eye of the Manatee" - Receive: Hemlock’s 


It’s map following time again. We need to follow the sounds like 

before, so bearing that in mind, we need to first get to the alter. 

From the Jungle Entrance, go west (upper looking path) one screen to 

get to the altar. 

Use Hemlock’s Map with Altar. Guybrush does a jig, and screen shakes 

as before to launch the hunt. 

Go: South | West (lower looking path) | North

At the well, use the flower in the well. The screen will shake.

Then go.. East | West (back the way u came) | South

At the calendar, walk around it anti-clockwise til it goes green, the 


Then go north.

Story: Guy brush finds the Manatee-topped shrine doorway ("Ancient 

Portal"). He hides in the bush, and finds the Marquis leaving the 

doorway, closing it behind him, talking about how he’s controlling the 

winds to keep his business flourishing. High winds + Ships = 

Shipwrecks = Injuries = Business for the doctor. We need to get that 

sopp to open the door for us. So...

Use "Unbreakable Bottle Breaker" from your inventory with Crystal Nose 

on Ancient Portal.

Use "Pyrite Parrot" from your inventory with the "Nasal cavity" (hole 

in the door)

Pick up "Weird Door Face" - Receive: "Ancient Door Face"

Return to the Docks.

Use "Cheese Wheel" with Jail Carvings, under the Jail windows - 

Receive: Imprinted Cheese Wheel

Return to Doctors Clinic and ask DeSinge if he really knows nothing 

about the winds. He will deny it. Accuse him of being behind them, 

he’ll ask you for proof. Tell him you have proof (you show him the 

weird door face automatically).

Story: Guybrush returns to his bush by the manatee door/ancient portal 

door. He sees DeSinge come and open the door, and follows him in 

picking up the key staff that DeSinge had left behind in his panic to 

get inside the portal door - Receive: Key Staff and Pyrite Parrot

Story: Guybrush has found the "Ancient Wind Control Device" but 

DeSinge tells him that a goofball like Threepwood would never be able 

to work out which of the Wind Gods are needed to change the winds.  

When control returns, Guybrush is stood next to one of those clam 

switches. There are four scattered around the island, you've no doubt 

noticed some of them as you've travelled around, and you need to go to 

each, use the "Ancient Tool" and Wind Vane to line up the images and 

activate the switch. So, lets get to it...

(e)...Part 3/3: Use the Ancient Wind Control Device to stop the Winds


As Guybrush is stood at one of the clam switches we might as well do 

this one first.  

But, before we use that, we must Use "Ancient Tool" with clamshell 

next to the Ancient Wind Control Device first. This opens all four 

clamshell switches and ancient idols. 

Note on Idol Travel: If you’ve already discovered the four idol 

locations, you can use the island map to run straight them and can 

ignore my instructions on how to reach them from the Jungle Entrance.

-----Idol 1: God of Winds that Knock your Hat Off

(Mysterious Idol)


As mentioned, this is the Mysterious idol with the Large wind control 

device behind the ancient portal.

Use Wind Vane with Mysterious Idol. 

Line up the face features to match the face the wind vane shows.

Use Ancient Tool with Clamshell switch to activate the wind god. 

Story:  If you’ve done it right, the idol will lower, Guybrush will 

receive the windvane again, and a short cut scene will follow naming 

the wind god idol you’ve just used. So, 1 down, 3 to go. However, at 

the end of the scene, LePonce- sorry I mean the Marquis will turn up 

with a wind gun, shoots you with it and blows you to another part of 

the island map. 

Go back to the Jungle Entrance, so we can find...

-----Idol 2: Wind that makes you reconsider wearing shorts 

(Strange Idol)


From Jungle Entrance go: West (lower looking path) | West again ... to 

find a "strange idol" with a missing wheel. You should have already 

used the cheese wheel with the jail carvings, (if not, go to the 

bottom of the class, and go and do this right now) so ...

Place Imprinted Cheese Wheel on the "Strange Idol". 

Place Wind Vain on Strange Idol. 

Click Strange Idol, rotate faces to line up and match the face showing 

on the Wind Vain

Use Ancient Tool with Clamshell Switch.

Story: Again, if you have done this correct, the screen will shake, 

D’Oro will unwittingly reveal which wind god you’ve activated, and 

DeSinge will shoot you with his Wind Gun. 2 down, 2 to go.

Go back to the Jungle Entrance, so we can find...

-----Idol 3: God of Broken Wind

(Enigmatic Idol)


From Jungle Entrance go: West (lower looking path)  | West (Strange 

Idol is here from previously, go past this) | West | West.

Place wind vain on Enigmatic Idol

Click Enigmatic idol, rotate faces to line up and match the face 

showing on the Wind Vain. This idol is missing the correct nose, so 

when you find the empty nose panel, use flowers from your inventory.

Use Ancient Tool with Clamshell Switch.

Story: Again, if you have done this correct, the screen will shake, 

D’Oro will unwittingly reveal which wind god you’ve activated, BUT 

DeSinge will NOT appear this time.  3 down, 1 to go.

Return to Jungle Entrance , so we can find...

-----Idol 4: God of... Unknown

(Messed Up Idol)


From Jungle entrance go: North (upper looking path) | East 

Note: You must activate this switch last. If you arrive at it before 

activating the first three switches, and try to activate it Guybrush 

will refuse and tell you that you need to come back later.

Story: Guybrush will bump into the DeSinge again. Just as he is 

preparing to shoot you again...

Distract DeSinge’s attention (Say: Look its King Louis!) and insert 

the "U Tube" from your inventory into the rifle muzzle. 

Story: DeSinge finds himself becoming the new spindle for the Messed 

up Idol. 

Use Wind Vane with Messed Up Idol... it wont work, but it’s a funny 

line of dialog. As we cant use the wind vane we have to improvise.

Click on the messed up idol, and line up the face panels accordingly. 

DeSinge will moan every time you move a panel, but from moans of agony 

when you have the wrong panel, there’s a near orgasmic groan when its 

set correct.

Use "Ancient Tool" with clamshell switch. 

Story:  The winds from the ancient wind device clear the Pox of 

LeChuck Death Cloud, and make it possible for ships to leave the 

harbor and enter the surrounding seas. Guybrush finds himself standing 

on the Deck of the Screaming Narwhal...

Objective: Tell Winslow to set sail for the Rock of Gelato


Part 1/1: Subdue your poxy hand so you can tell Winslow where to go...

um, I mean, set sail to...


Tell Winslow to set sail for the Rock of Gelato... oh no, that bloody 

hands causing trouble again! 

Use ship wheel - Guybrush’s sudden ship turn move the tar barrel to 

the cannon rails.

Use cannon - this will leave tar over the ship’s deck.

Use Map - Guybrush will punch himself onto the deck and his hand will 

end up in the tar.

With your hand stuck in the tar, click on Winslow. 

Story: The ship sails off into the sunset and arrives at the Rock of 

Gelato. Looking through his spyglass Guybrush sees something that 

shivers his timbers, and a female voice comes from nowhere saying 

"Guybrush Threepwood, I’ve been waiting for this moment" and a sword 

is placed on Guybrush’s throat... 

Note: We don’t see who this sneaky attacker is, but Im guessing it’s 

the Sword Master from the original game, The Secret of Monkey Island. 

This brings this chapter of The Tales of Monkey island to a close.


Coming Next - Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 - The Siege of Spinner 


The End.

[v]...Author Screenshots:


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Chapter Screen Wallpaper:


Game Launcher:


Tales of Monkey Island Title Screen


Chasing Down LeChuck




Cursed cutlass recipe


Davey Nipperkin, Reporter for the Keelhauler Gazette


The Marquis De Singe - Flotsam Island Doctor


Joquain D'Oro - Treasure Hunter and "Poly-Articulated Porcelain 

Power Pirates" collector


Elaine - Guybrush's Wife (and "Plunder bunny")


Flotsam Island Docks


Flotsam Island Map (with Death Cloud)


Guybrush Threepwood




Hemlock McGee (after catching the pox from the "Death Cloud")


LeChuck - after being accidentally made human by Guybrush


Guybrush's Poxy Hand ("The Pox of LeChuck")


The Screaming Narwhal in all her glory!


Winslow - Previous captain of the Screaming Narwhal


Zombie Pirate LeChuck



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Iain Wilson
Guides Editor

Iain originally joined Future in 2012 to write guides for CVG, PSM3, and Xbox World, before moving on to join GamesRadar in 2013 as Guides Editor. His words have also appeared in OPM, OXM, PC Gamer, GamesMaster, and SFX. He is better known to many as ‘Mr Trophy’, due to his slightly unhealthy obsession with amassing intangible PlayStation silverware, and he now has over 500 Platinum pots weighing down the shelves of his virtual award cabinet. He does not care for Xbox Achievements.