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Tales of Graces f boss battle guide

Tales of Graces f boss guide

First, pick a difficulty that suits you. For the purpose of this guide we played on Moderate. This is a higher difficulty then the game starts on and gives a player a better understanding of the bosses. If you are new to RPG's, this is not the difficulty for you. Knock it back to Normal or Simple to have a more enjoyable time.

Second, make sure you approach boss fights with balanced parties. A balanced party will give you the edge in any battle and this is especially true for bosses. Also, do not be afraid to manipulate the Artes each of your characters has. Cheria for instance is your main healer. However, she also has offensive spells that she will try to cast. Sometimes it is best to shut those off so that she will only cast healing magic, ensuring you get those heals when you need them.

Last, spend some time leveling up. Sometimes your biggest problem may just be your level. If a boss just seems impossible, go back and take a few minutes to level up. Approaching the boss 5 levels higher may be just what you need to beat him. Now, to the bosses!

Boss 1 - Bryce

Boss 2 - Nova Wolf

Boss 3 - Helmcrusher

Boss 4 - Queen Slime

Boss 5 - Mercurius

Boss 6 - Malik

Boss 7 - Victoria

Boss 8 - Cedric

Boss 9 - Richard (first encounter)