Take a look around Mass Effect: Andromeda's ship and space car thanks to a new video

Mass Effect: Andromeda's latest video takes you on a tour of the dedicated transportation you'll use for pathfinding around the new galaxy: the good ship Tempest and its all-terrain rover the Nomad. The video is framed as an orientation for potential Pathfinder recruits, but in practical terms it's basically sci-fi Cribs and Pimp My Ride crammed into a three-minute tour. That's not a complaint, by the way.

Already rewinding to zoom in on all the little details? I got yer details right here. Up first is the Nomad, which is a lot like the Mako from the original Mass Effect except it actually drives where you want it to.

Use the boost!

Or activate thrusters for air time

All of these options can be customized - what's a shield blast?

And here are a few of the optional paint jobs

The video doesn't let us see the Tempest's pilot, but he sounds like he could be a salarian (Mordin Solus' species from the original trilogy). Whatever he is, he'd better be damn good at his job if the ship is going to survive in hostile territory without heavy armor or weaponry. At least the interior's nicely appointed - take in the finer points of the tour.

Pathfinder's quarters (your room)

Where are the damn fish?

The bridge

Research and development

Tech lab

Bio lab

Meeting room

Complete with video conference technology, perfect for hanging up on yammering bureaucrats.

Crew quarters


Looks a lot like the drive core from the Normandy SR-2!


Cargo bay



Nice, isn't it? Can't wait to comb the Tempest's halls looking for new dialogue options every time anything of minor significance happens.

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