Tae Kwan Do it

The Foot Fist Way has been hanging around since early 2006 waiting for a release – but having recruited Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as its main supporters, it’s now finally ready to kick its way into cinemas.

It’s tough to really label the comedy – which stars Hot Rod’s Danny R McBride – but it’s mostly a mocumentary-esque piece about Fred Simmons, an OTT Tae Kwan Do instructor who sees his life spiral out of control when his wife cheats on him. Sounds like a laugh-a-minute, doesn’t it? Fortunately, that’s really only the hook for a series of prime comedy bits, most notably McBride’s fizzing firework of a self-important sensei.

Hopefully we’ll see it over here soon. But for now, enjoy the trailer, which has been stuck online locked behind pesky age restrictions as a “Red Band” release. Or just watch it here at Ferrell’s FunnyorDie site. Gawd bless the mighty Internets.

Source ( FunnyorDie )