Survive a zombie massacre, win a PS3 and TV

Zombies are awesome. The long wait for Resident Evil 5 is less than awesome. Thankfully though, there's still a big congealing clot of Resi zombie action happening right now,in the form of a competition Sony is running.

Working like a brain-eating version of Pokemon (I chews you! Sorry), the promo competition for Resident Evil: Extinctioncurrently up onthe film's siteallows you to finally fulfill many a sepia-tinged boyhood dream and create your own pet zombie. You upload a picture of yourself, the site zombifies you (We think it's just a digital image manipulation thing, but don't blame us if you wake up undead a few days after entering) and your corpsey avatar gets put in a pen with the rest of the world's hopeful shamblers. Then it's up to you to feed and exercise him in preparation for the massacre.

On the 18th of Feb, all the zombies are going to be released (ie. Posted on various web-pages hosting ads for the film), before being killed one by one (ie. Deleted. We unfortunately doubt there'll be gratuitous gory splatter-fountains exploding randomly all over the web that day). The last zombies standing will win, and while we're not entirely convinced if the walking dead will fully appreciate the HDTV, home cinema and PS3 up for grabs, we're sure they'll still enjoy walking slowly into them face-first and giving them an absent-minded lick all the same.

Head overand try your luck. But if you see a zombie named Geoffrey wandering about, please be nice to him. He's ours and it's his first time out on his own.