Supreme Commander console-bound

Oct 23, 2007

Gas Powered Games PC real-time strategy game Supreme Commander is heading to consoles.

Confirmation has come from the mouth of GPG boss Chris Taylor, who we spoke with earlier this week when he was in town.

Console platforms have not been confirmed by a publisher, but Taylor has suggested it will only appear on Xbox 360.

It also appears that the port won't be handled in-house at Gas Powered, according to a report on Shacknews.

"We'll have a more official announcement coming in the next day or so... let's see if you can guess who it is... they have been around about as long as we have, share the same core values as we do, and have really great people who love games. It's hard to keep the secret, but we'll send an official press release out soon. And yes, SupCom is coming to the console!," said Taylor.

We've additionally heard that THQ, which published Supreme Commander on PC, has passed on handling the console version.

When we spoke with the publisher this morning and questioned them on this, a spokesperson said "no comment."

Supreme Commander, which was well-received on PC, is a sci-fi RTS with big stompy robots and is regarded as the spiritual successor to Taylor's seminal real-time strategy game Total Annihilation.

Courtesy of CVG