Support our videogame loving troops this Veterans Day with Operation Supply Drop

11/11/11 might be more famous to gamers this year as the release date for Skyrim, but it’s also Veteran’s Day, the day of the year we give tribute to those that risk their lives to protect us. And soldiers underneath the training and heroism are just like us, at least when it comes to the desire to play games. The life of a soldier can be a boring one and the charity Operation Supply Drop makes it their cause to bring games to our boys. And this November as part of Veteran’s Day, you can help them help our friends overseas.

Above: An example of the packages ODB sends out

The charity and are working together to collect money all through November to send more game-filled care packages than ever before to troops in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Normally the program sends out a package once a month, but this Veteran’s Day drive aims to send one a week for a month if they can get enough donations. You can learn more about the program here or just donate directly at Operation Supply Drop’s website. At ease.

Henry Gilbert

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