How to get Joker in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the strategies you need to make the most of his abilities

Super Smash Bros Ultimate's Joker, the Phantom Thief, is the latest character to join Nintendo's roster and can be unlocked via Challenger Pack 1, which includes both Joker and matching Mementos stage. So you’ll need to purchase the Phantom Thief from the Nintendo eShop if you wish to steal yourself some easy wins with him. 

Joker is an incredibly agile fighter who excels at whittling down his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate opponents with lightning-fast aerials and lethal ground moves. He can effortlessly keep his opponent locked down with a hail of deadly bullets, damage them over time with his Eiha move, counter deadly blows with Rebel’s Guard, and close in for the kill with buffed attacks from his loyal Persona, Arsene. 

Joker can be a true terror when used aggressively, but you’ll need a good understanding of his mechanics and how best to use them if you wish to crush your foes with his high-speed moves. If you’re looking to outplay and trick your opponents out of a win, then the Shujin Academy rebel might be the character you’re looking for. Make sure you check out the tips outlined below to ensure you get the most out of Joker.

How to unlock Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you want to add Persona 5’s Joker to your Smash Ultimate roster, you’ll need to buy Challenger Pack 1 from the Nintendo eShop. You can purchase individual Challenger Pack’s for $5.99/£5.39 each, but if you’re aiming to get every DLC characters and wish to save $5, then we recommend purchasing the Fighter Pass for $24.99/£22.49. Once you’ve purchased either the Challenger Pack 1 or Fighter Pass, simply wait for the download to complete and boot up your game to receive all your Persona 5 goodies.

How to make the most of Joker’s abilities

Rebellion Gauge (Passive)

Joker’s Rebellion Gauge will fill if he is hit while using Rebel’s Guard and when he takes damage from enemy attacks in general. When the gauge is full, Joker will Summon Arsene to fight alongside him, strengthening Joker’s attacks and changing his special moves. Although the Rebellion Gauge fills over time, you’ll want to try and fill it as quickly as possible in order to maximise your overall damage output. Try to intercept your opponent’s blows with Rebel’s Guard and punish them with Arsene’s amped up attacks.

Gun (Neutral Special)

Unleash a barrage of bullets with Joker’s Neutral Special. While Arsene is active, the power and number of shots that can be fired from Joker’s gun increases. Try to use Joker’s gun to constantly barrage your foes with a hail of deadly bullets and force them to keep on the defensive. When your enemy tries to block the incoming ranged poke from your gun, simply run in and grab them to set up some lethal aerial combos.

Eiha/Eigaon (Side Special)

Joker Unleashes a bolt that explodes and deals continuous damage for the spell’s duration. While Arsene is active, both the speed and power of the spell increases. Eiha’s overall impact may seem rather minimal when compared to his other moves, but once Joker has access to Arsene this move becomes one of the best projectiles in the entire game. Zone your opponent and make them wince whenever they get within range of Eigaon.  

Grappling Hook (Up Special)

Throws a grappling hook to grab nearby edges and opponents. When Arsene is active the grappling hook is replaced with Wings of Rebellion and allows Joker to fly upward using his Persona’s wings. Grappling Hook and its empowered form offer some fantastic recovery options, especially when you happen to find yourself tumbling off the stage.

Rebel’s Guard (Down Special)

If Joker is hit when using Rebel’s Guard, he will gain charge for his Rebellion Gauge. Once Arsene is active, use this move to counter enemy moves and send them reeling with a deadly blow. This move is incredibly forgiving and the animation has a fairly long duration, so don’t be afraid to brace and counter enemy moves whenever you see an opportunity to do so.

Super Smash Bros Joker Strategy and tips

Joker’s high mobility allows players to rush down their opponents with lightning-fast attacks, pummelling them with a combination of grabs and aerial attacks. In the early stages of the fight focus on using Rebel’s Guard to rack up large amounts of Rebellion Gauge charge, as this will allow you to unleash Arsene much quicker. The Phantom Thief’s overall win condition is largely based on gaining access to his powerhouse Persona, so it’s imperative that you stay alive long enough to gain the full benefits of Arsene’s empowered moveset. Try to use Eiha alongside your gun in order to rack up a few quick ticks of damage before weaving in standard attacks, grapples, and aerials. By doing this, you’ll be able to dish out some decent early-game damage and set up decent KO opportunities for when you unveil your game-winning Persona plays.

Once you have access to Arsene, you’ll want to go on the offensive and constantly bully your opponent with your empowered attacks. Grab your foe and send them flying upwards before following up with a well-timed up air to launch them into the skies above. While Arsene may empower Joker’s attacks, the Phantom’s Thief’s new-found strength doesn’t last forever – in fact, Arsene’s duration is drastically reduced whenever Joker takes any forms of damage. As a result, you’ll need to ensure you’re constantly keeping your enemies on their toes by zoning them with ranged attacks from Gun and Eiha/Eigaon. This will often force players into making reckless attacks that you can punish with Arsene’s deadly counter. Don’t be afraid to spike enemies when they have been hit offstage as Arsene’s recovery is very safe and protects Joker from incoming damage, making him rather difficult to counter. When you combine these abilities together, you have a truly terrifying trickster that can steal the outcome of any fight.

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