Super Paper Mario officially on Wii

Good news and bad news from the Mushroom Kingdom. On the fantastic side, we've got final confirmation on the platform-spanning, Super Paper Mario. What was once touted as a GameCube exclusive is now officially Wii bound, giving Mario fans tired of reliving old adventures much to rejoice about. Huzzah indeed.

But it's not all sunshine. The email we received was in the form of a wedding invitation announcing the unholy union of none other thenPeach and - gasp - Bowser. Say it ain't so, Princess. Granted a 20+ year, on-again-off-again relationship with a chubby Italian plumber doesn't sound all that glamorous, but surely she can do better than this. She's already royalty, so it can't be for the money, right? Right?

Above: Are these crazy kids built to last?

There's no word of a cancellation regarding the GameCube version, so all we're left to ponder is... God! What is she thinking? We know humans are scarce in Peach's neck of the woods, but if you have date out of your species couldn't you pick someone less evil? And how do you make a physical relationship work with someone covered in spines? You can count on GamesRadar to mull over these extremely important questions and more until the exchange of vile vows commences on April 9th of this year.

February 12, 2007